Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Reflection

       Photography has helped me fine calmness in myself. I always find myself stressed out about school or thinking about soccer practices that lead up to game and track meets the day after. Despite all the worrying and stress photography reminds me to stop and take in the beauty of what is around me and that I should appreciate what has been given to me. Something that has challenged me this semester was on hard days some teachers would assign 2-3 writing assignments, projects, reading, worksheets, and on top of that I would have soccer and track. So balancing that out was a small struggle on late nights. Which I usually am on top of all of my assignments and studies. One of my favorite and I think best projects was the light box and holga simulation because I like the simplicity of the photo yet there is a beauty behind the meaning. If we had to re-do a project and improve it,  I would choose holga so I would have more time to think about what picture would look the best with a tint and light leak and a rough looking border. So in the future I will for sure think about the lighting, contrast, time of day, position of camera/object, etc. to find the perfect picture. And not to mention I will take many photos and then choose the best couple photos to edit so I will  have a majority to choose from when editing.
      To a non light photographer I would explain light like icing to the cake or fries and ketchup or mash to the potatoes. Light is very important to photography,  I would say it's one of the key elements to photography and you have to notice when the lighting is just right to get the perfect picture. One of my favorite times to go take photographs would be anytime of the day because in the morning you have the sunrise and the light is just seeking on the city, and towards the end of the day is when the sun is going away kissing the city goodnight so you have the darkness appearing. Where the time in between has the sun at different angles from where sunrises to sunset and that time is where you have good glares/reflections from the sun. So there is many different kinds of photographs you can take and I like the thought of being able to do that. When one goes out to take a "good" photograph or does take a "good" photograph what does that mean? It means it has good quality in the photo itself and that the photographer found some good lighting, contrast, timing, angles, or moment captured at the perfect moment that would consider it good no matter if it is a simple object or a moving object.

A day in the light